Tinted Moisturizer

Throughout the years, makeup artists have combined moisturizers and foundation. The result was two-fold. The makeup caused the skin to look clearer, while the moisturizers hydrated it. So, in essence, this combination allowed for a more ‘functional’ type of makeup.

As this trend caught on, the beauty industry used the idea to develop tinted moisturizers. From that point every woman would be able to hydrate their skin through the makeup process, though they could opt to still wear traditional foundation if they wanted to.

Tinted moisturizers offer other benefits as well. For instance, the hydration process helps increase collagen production. And when this happens, a person is less likely to develop wrinkles, since collagen makes the skin stronger and more elastic. Additionally, the hydration process also provides some protection against the sun’s UV rays.

So, what can one expect to pay if they decide to use tinted moisturizers? Well, despite the fact that tinted moisturizers are an all-in-one makeup/skin cream treatment, amazingly, they are not that expensive. In fact, there are many tinted moisturizes that are less than $20. Examples include: Revlon Age-Defying Light Makeup with Botafirm, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer and Wet n’ Wild Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer.

If you find that you’re not satisfied with the current brands of tinted moisturizers out there, you can do as makeup artists did and create your own. In fact, sometimes this is a better thing to do, especially if you want to take advantage of more unique moisturizers. For example, if you are concerned about aging skin, you might want to create a tinted moisturizer from an anti-aging cream. If oily skin is a concern, use oil-free makeup and moisturizer to give you what you need. Indeed, with all of the moisturizers out there, there’s no limit to what you can do if you want to create your own tinted moisturizers.

In conclusion, tinted moisturizers are a simple yet brilliant invention. Not only do they cover up blemishes, but they also revitalize the skin in the process. Makeup by itself cannot do this… in fact, for some women it can even be harmful. Of course, this does not mean that women must forego their favorite foundation. They can either use it in combination with a brand-name tinted moisturizer or they can use it in conjunction with a regular moisturizer, creating the same effect. Either way, if they want to ensure their skin stays healthy, they should definitely consider following the trend.