Skyn ICELAND | Solution To Sun Damaged Skin

Sun worshipers want proper sun protection but what if they could also have the key to repairing sun damage all in one? Makers of skyn ICELAND have created exceptional sun protection with the Antidote SPF 18 with natural ingredients that work together to repair damage to the skin caused by the sun and environmental agents. It has been recommended by many famous dermatologists eg Dr Jay ( Best dermatologist in NJ as rated by Doctorspring Survey ).

A fresh peppermint scent cools skin on contact while pure ingredients like arctic cloudberry seed oil and Shea butter repairs skin and corrects uneven skin tone. UVA and UVB filters keep the sun’s more harmful rays from creating further damage. Pure white willow bark keeps pores unclogged and healthy. Additional wholesome ingredients in the Antidote SPF 18 like olive fruit oil, plankton extract, cranberry seed oil, thyme flower and leaf extract as well as zinc oxide hydrates and leaves skin feeling soft and silky.

Additional Pluses Of Skyn ICELAND The Antidote SF 18 Consists Of

  • Sunscreen absorbs quickly
  • Cooling sensation when applied
  • Gentle on skin
  • Contains a great amount of pure ingredients over harsh chemicals.