Meet Skin’s First Line of Defense with Cellex-C Sunscreen SPF 15

So many products today have extra bells and whistles, all able to provide more than sun protection – with Cellex-C Sunscreen, users can get back to basics and give the their skin a reprieve from the many extras other skin care products have.

Cellex-C SPF 15 gives you over three hours of safety from the sun including UVA and UVB rays, during normal sun conditions. A non comedogenic and gentle sunscreen that moisturizes as it protects, Cellex-C is safe for all skin types and free of overpowering fragrances. Ingredients like mineral oil, paraffin, glyceryl monostearate, purified water and zinc oxide give skin a light, clear feeling when it is applied properly as well as signs of early aging..

Other Advantages Of Cellex-C Sunscreen SPF 15 Consist Of

  • Photo-aging protection
  • Guards against thinning skin
  • Defends the skin from age spots

By Tummy Tuck Pittsburgh