Costs of Breast Enlargement Procedures from a No. 1 Rated Plastic Surgeon: Are They Truly Staggering?



The cost of a certain cosmetic procedure may vary, so there is no specific amount as to its price. These days, there are plenty of methods and options made available to women pondering the idea of going under the knife. However, the costs of breast enlargement procedures depend on certain factors such as demographics.

Who is your surgeon? What is his level of experience in performing successful breast augmentation procedures? Where is the operation executed? Is it done in a hospital or office setting? What is your surgery of choice? What kind of anesthesia will be used based on your preference? The costs of breast implants vary as well, and you could check out for some ideas. Anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000 is billed for breast augmentation. Then you have a thousand or two solely for the implants. Postoperative recovery and anesthesia on the other hand is a different matter altogether.

Factors that Influence Costs of Breast Enlargement

  • Who’s your doctor?

Choosing your doctor is another vital issue. If you are willing to spend on your breasts, might as well choose the best. The best cosmetic surgeons don’t come in cheap. You are paying for their skills, training, and specialty in this highly specific field. They also ensure your safety, your comfortable and speedy recovery, and of course, the amazing results.

  • So where is the best place for doc shopping?

Thank goodness for the almighty web. Checking out their clinics’ or hospitals’ site gives you vast amounts of information that are very helpful in making smart choices and informed decisions in choosing the No.1 rated plastic surgeon. Breast enlargement procedures are risky, but these are better managed by board certified doctors in this area. Your best bets are the ones nationally recognized and sanctioned by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

  • How are you to finance the actual costs of breast enlargement?

Fortunately, healthcare finance is available. One time, lump sum payments are no longer expected of patients. Today costs are broken down and patients pay in affordable monthly installments over a span of say, 4-5 years, depending on the plan.

Read on for a better understanding of financing healthcare.

Contrary to what some people are thinking, the concept of healthcare financing is not new. In fact, it dates back 1798 when a hospital for the marine service is established. Here merchant ship owners are required a 20 cents monthly contribution for the sickness fund intended for the wellbeing of the seamen under their employment.

The basic principle is individuals collectively pitching in or pulling their resources together so assistance to the sick and dying is given. Eventually shared responsibility by the government in supporting health care is realized as a good idea. This way, public physicians that were tax-supported paved the way for better health care services.

Flash forward three centuries later. Priorities evolved (aesthetics are now among the top priorities), but the principle remains unchanged: accessible and affordable healthcare for everyone. So going back to the “boob job” topic, there is no fixed rate for a breast enlargement operation because every patient is different. Their cases vary.

So, each one is treated depending on the needs and preferences of the patient. Clinics now conduct free consultation for their patients’ awareness regarding all the needed requirements. Everything is discussed from the pricing to the corresponding actual surgery, overnight accommodation, and appointments at their facility for after care programs. Many medical facilities guarantee this without hidden costs, whatsoever.

So, do not let costs of breast enlargement stop you from gaining the added confidence and self-esteem that every woman truly deserves. Weigh your options, talk to the right people, seek, and heed sound advice. After all, life is short. Make the most out of it.