Breast Augmentation Placements


If you have been thinking about having a breast augmentation Pittsburgh, the chances are you already know the basics of the procedure. Undergoing this surgery can be a life-changing event for anyone. This is because you get to alter your physical feature to your personal interests. While some do it to enhance their physical appearance, some do it to compensate for previous medical and health concerns. There are different types of breast implants. There is the saline type which is a sterile salt water solution that goes inside silicone shells. This results in smaller scars and is said to be safe as the body can absorb it harmlessly.

The next one is silicone. This is a popular choice among women because the material can be softer and more natural to touch. These usually come pre-filled by manufacturers so you just have to choose from the different sizes. And lastly, a type that falls under the silicone category, the anatomical implant. This is known for having the most natural touch, feel and look of breasts. Apart from knowing the type of implant to use for your desired procedure, you can also opt to know its placement. Here are the different types:

  • Subglandular placement.

When the implant is placed above the muscle, there will be less discomfort in the procedure as there is only a small amount of surface tissue displaced. Saline and silicone implants can be put above or below the muscle termed as pectoral muscle.

  • Submuscular placement.

A lot of surgeons and patients feel that placing the implant below the muscle results in a more pleasing appearance. This type hides the small imperfections like rippes and exposed edges of the method. However, this may include discomfort during and after the procedure.

  • Split-muscle technique.

When we talk about this type, we are talking about the combination of subglandular and submuscular placements. In this placement, the upper pole of the implant is put beneath the pectoral muscled. As for the bottom part of the implant, it will be placed above the muscle which is just below the mammary gland. This is idea for those who are athletic as it conceals deformities and prevent unpleasant results like “double bubbles.” Knowing which placement will work for you will help you narrow down your choices and help you come up with the type of breast augmentation you want. This will surely give you peace of mind as you know that you are in control of the options.